What is a private yoga session?

Private yoga sessions allow one to experience yoga in the comfort of their own home or office.  A private yoga session entails an initial assessment of injuries, ailments, and prior yoga experience.  Thereafter, a sequence is customized for the individual along with the support of props (blocks, blankets, straps). Private yoga sessions are typically weekly or bi-weekly as needed and usually range from 1-1.5 hours.

Private yoga sessions are for you if you are interested in the following:

-Extra attention and focus on a specific need.

-Eager to dive deeper into one’s learning and understanding of yoga poses.

-Aid in healing from an injury, both physical and emotional.

Benefits of Private Yoga sessions include:

-Improved alignment, increased strength, and flexibility.

-Overall increased sense of well-being.

-Improved mind-body connection.

-Meaningful teacher-student relationship

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Virtual Privates– I am also currently teaching Virtual Privates through the Zoom platform. Please email me to book a session.

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